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About Vitro?

First developed for a research and scholarship portal at Cornell University, Vitro is a general-purpose web-based ontology and instance editor with customizable public browsing. Vitro is a Java web application that runs in a Tomcat servlet container.

With Vitro, you can:

  • Create or load ontologies in OWL format
  • Edit instances and relationships
  • Build a public web site to display your data

Download Vitro

The latest source code may be downloaded from the VIVO project's GitHub repository at The latest branch is a stable release, while the develop branch is the most current version of the code. Since this code is in active development; we encourage feedback about bugs or desired functionality via the vivo-tech mailing list.

Where is Vitro being used?

Vitro is primarily used as a key software component in the open-source VIVO project, a community-supported incubator project under the Lyrasis umbrella.

Licensing and acknowledgements

Vitro uses a number of open-source libraries, including Apache Jena semantic web framework. Vitro itself is currently offered under the terms of the Open Source Initiative BSD License.

See also: VIVO/Vitro Architecture on the VIVO Lyrasis wiki.