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Service Providers

VIVO Service Providers have made an investment in the VIVO technology and a commitment to work cooperatively with the VIVO organization to best serve the community of users. All service provider listings are ordered alphabetically.

To learn more about the DuraSpace Service Provider (DSP) Program including how to apply to participate, visit our wiki.

Certified VIVO Contributors

These are organizations that collaborate in DuraSpace open communities and demonstrate expertise in DuraSpace open technologies. The table below lists Certified DuraSpace Contributors.

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Ontocale, a software company specializing in Semantic Web technologies, offers an array of VIVO services including new feature development, site customization, data source integration, and installation and upgrade support.  The founder of Ontocale, Brian Lowe, has been a developer of VIVO since its early days at Cornell University in 2006.

Services Include: Customization, consultation, extension, data integration, installation and configuration

Name: Brian Lowe
Phone: +40 752 649 498
Locations: Bucharest
Language Support:
English, Romanian