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Welcome to the VIVO Open Source Community

VIVO is an open source software platform developed and supported by our user community, with the help and support of LYRASIS. The community welcomes your interest and participation. Currently there are over 150 sites running VIVO worldwide, so you are in good company. How can you get involved with the VIVO user community?

Register Your VIVO Instance

There are over 150 VIVO repositories in more than 25 countries around the world. Please take the time to register your site so you are included in our growing list of “Who’s Using VIVO?”.

Join the Community Mailing Lists

The primary way VIVO users discuss issues and communicate with one another is through the various mailing lists. The VIVO community has two very active mailing lists where you can meet other VIVO users and developers, learn more about the community and the software, get answers to technical questions, and hear of upcoming events.

Become a Member and take part in Project Governance

VIVO Members are leaders from university, research, library organizations, and others, who have made a financial commitment to our open source projects. As such they have become a partner in governance, ensuring that VIVO continues to serve the global communities that depend on VIVO into the future.

Additional Support via Registered Service Providers

Registered Service Providers have made an investment in VIVO technology and a commitment to work cooperatively with DuraSpace to best serve the community of users. If you require implementation support or hosting of your VIVO, we recommend contacting one (or more) of our registered service providers for a quote.

Monitor Platform Development Work and Make Feature Requests

The VIVO community uses GitHub to track, prioritize, and guide its work. In addition to tracking the VIVO platform development work, Jira also allows the community to watch specific issues and receive updates when there are changes. Although there are no guarantees when a specific item will be addressed, the community can build a consensus on items captured in Jira and it will enhance the visibility of that issue.